Miami sport package

Miami sport package

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Women's sports gloves - Jet black - S
Women's sports gloves - Jet black - S
Miami - Night Black - S
Miami - Night Black - S

The Miami Sports Package includes:

  • 1 Legal Beauty sports glove in the selected size
  • 1 Legal Beauty Miami Zippered Sports Sauna Belt with Extra Waistband in Selected Size and Color
  • 1 piece of Legal Beauty tape measure

Our latest Miami product is designed to combine the best features of your favorites in one product.

  • The new product is based on a thick neoprene material, but its lining is made of special sweaty "shark skin" rubber.
  • With strong steel zipper for quick pick-up and drop-off.
  • The extra tightening strap is the strongest ever, consisting of 3 double belts instead of 2.
  • It is longer in shape than our sports belts, while its sides are slightly arched so that it is not distracting when squatting.
  • Instead of plastic stiffeners, we used steel stiffeners for an even stronger hold.
  • You can narrow the extra large rubber logo up to 15cm, so it will definitely be effective in the long run.

If you want a belt ,

  • which lasts, but sweats best,
  • easy to put on and take off,
  • which is an extra highlight of your waistline,

then you will surely love this product.

A sports glove made of high-quality neoprene material with a Legal Beauty logo and a unique design.

  • The extra wrist grip keeps you stable and strong, protecting and relieving even the thinnest wrist during training.
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to its elastic material, it fits easily on your palms and fingers; Velcro design allows you to easily adjust it to your wrist.
  • The silicone grip on the palm provides a firm grip in any position.

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